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As the owner of Osage Training & Consulting, I place a great deal of emphasis on making complex ideas and techniques simple. Whether it is testifying as an expert in a use of force case where someone's freedom is on the line or presenting an advanced carbine tactic where someone's very life may ultimately be on the line, neither client will be served unless the point is not only made but trasmitted in a form that makes a lasting difference.


With a career that began in 1995 as a U.S. Marine Corps military policeman and progressed on to that of a federal agent, state trooper, deputy sheriff, and military combat veteran helicopter pilot, the services I ensure that OTC provides are counted as the best.


I am deeply involved in every service aspect of Osage Training & Consulting. While we maintain a network of professionals on whom we call and depend to assist, I am physically present during every firearm and tactic training course, law enforcement and military presentation, and it will be me that takes the witness stand to testify in cases on behalf of our use of force clients.


The survivor of multiple lethal force incidents wherein I have been forced to present and apply deadly force, many of my firearm, tactic, and combative course students have gone on to survive their own deadly encounters in both military combat and on the streets of not only America but foreign lands as well. I know that our business is a serious one.


An military contractor and helicopter instructor pilot, I continue to work the streets as a part-time patrol officer, trainer, and SWAT Team member for a municipal law enforcement agency in southeast Alabama.

•Boot Camp, U.S. Marine Corps, 1995

•Marine Combat Training, School of Infantry, 1995

•Military Police Academy, 1996

•Advanced Military Police Academy, 1996

•NRA Law Enforcement Rifle Instructor Development School, 1997

•NRA Law Enforcement Tactical Shooting Instructor Development School, 1997

•Law Enforcement/Security Firearms Instructor (pistol, patrol rifle, shotgun, sub-machine gun), 1997

•Fundamentals of Marine Corps Leadership, 1997

•Coordinated Response to Family Violence, 1998

•Crime Prevention Specialist, '97-'99

•Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Border Patrol Academy, 1999

•Trooper Academy, Washington State Patrol, 2001

•Washington State Peace Officer Certification, 2001

•Killology's "The Bulletproof Mind: Mental Preparation for Combat," 2004

•Government Training Institute, Immediate Action Teams, Active Shooter Response, 2005

•Warrant Officer Basic Course, 2008

•Overwater Survival Training, 2009

•Army SERE (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) School, 2009

•Armorer Certification - M4 Carbine, M16 Rifle, M249 Machine Gun, M240 Machine Gun, M2 .50 caliber Machine Gun, M203 Grenade Launcher, M9 Service Pistol, Mossberg 500/590 Shotgun, 2011

•U.S. Army High Altitude Mountaneous Environment Helicopter Training, 2011

•Afghanistan Combat Deployment - 2011-2012, UH-60 Blackhawk Pilot-in-Command, 700+ combat flight hours

•Alabama Tactical Operations (SWAT) Instructor  


A few of his professional recognitions include:

•Military Police "Top Shooter" Award, 1996

•Military Police School "Honor Graduate," 1996

•Marine Corps meritorious promotion, 1996

•5th award Expert Rifle, U.S. Marine Corps, '95-'99

•5th award Expert Pistol, U.S. Marine Corps, '95-'99

•Top Military Team, Police Pistol Competition, Honolulu, HI, 1998

•Border Patrol Class Leader, 1999

•Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, Practical Pistol Expert, 1999

•Traffic Safety Superstars award, 2002

•Nominated for valor award, lethal force incident, 2004

•1st place, IDPA Georgia State Championship side match, Plate Rack, 2009

•3rd place, IDPA Alabama State Championship, stock service pistol, 2010

•1st place, IDPA "Masters" Championship, Birmingham, AL, stock service pistol, 2010

•U.S. Army Blackhawk Aviator course "Honor Graduate," 2010

•Champion, IDPA Mountaineer Classic, SSP, Boone, NC, 2011

•High Military, Stock Service Pistol, IDPA Mountaineer Classic, 2011

•Combat Air Medal, 2012

•1st place Master, Blackwater Shoothouse Shootout, 2012

•High Military, Caswell Ranch Ironman, 2013

•Match Director, Police Week Shooting Championship, 2014, 2015


"I went from having an M4 that was nice to look at, to owning a tool that I feel very comfortable and much more confident with. Great course!" Ryan P., U.S. Customs

Joshua Scott

Osage Training & Consulting

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