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Expert Services

We serve prosecutors, defense attorneys, and private individuals on cases involving the actual, threatened, or perceived use of force. Our unique expertise as advanced firearms and use of force trainers combine with our experience in police procedures and our founder's recognition as a use of force expert to ensure that your case will not reach a disposition without the benefit of priceless insight. We review cases and provide expert, unbiased, opinion on the merits of each case, conducting additional investigation, interviews, mock-ups, graphs, and analysis as necessary. Expert services provide our clients with the vital information necessary to make decisions concerning their cases. When the need arises, we take the stand as a recognized expert to testify in matters of use of force continuum, reasonableness, anatomy of a use of force incident, and the practical application of force.

We offer three forms of expert services:

 - Case Review

- Witness Testimony

- Pre-Paid Services Agreement

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