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Tactical Firearms Training

Osage Combatives provides advanced training in firearm manipulation and tactical procedures to organizations of the United States Government, state, and local law enforcement agences as well as private security and contracting industries along with authorized private individuals of all sectors who attend of their own accord. Practical training enables our students to achieve a level of performance that will overcome any potential aggressor through increased skill, confidence, knowledge, and performance handling of handguns, carbines, shotguns,and sub-machine guns.


Of much greater concern than simply having a firearm is the level of knowledge and skill possessed by the operator. To that end, we train our students to a level that ensures their mindset and abilities will allow them to take decisive action when faced with one or more aggressors.


If you are a police officer, security professional, government or military operative, you know full well that the stakes are very high when lives depend on your ability to complete the mission or stop the threatening actions of an attacker. For the private citizen, you should know that the world is a dangerous place and that the primary responsibilty of defending yourself and your loved ones when danger comes knocking on your door is yours.

You have two options in registering for a course:

Find a course on our Course Registration page


Arrange for a private course to be presented to you, your agency, organization, or group.

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