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History & Core Beliefs of Osage Combatives

Osage Training & Consulting comprises an affiliated group of highly skilled firearm, tactics, combatives, use of force, and law enforcement trainers. Led by Joshua Scott, a law enforcement and military professional since 1995, we strive to train each and every one of our students to the highest of standards to ensure physical, emotional, and legal survival in a world full of challenges.


Our instructors have real world experience in law enforcement and military operations. There are no amateurs. While never worn as a badge of honor, our personnel have faced many of the life-threatening situations for which we prepare our students. Mr. Scott is the survivor of multiple lethal force incidents in which he has  been forced to present and apply deadly force in decisively one-sided victories. Our assistant instructors are active duty military personnel, combat veterans, law enforcement officers, and accomplished competitive shooters.


It is our firm belief that we have not only the ability, but the moral obligation, to bring our life-saving tactics and strategies to those who may one day have to walk the very same paths we have already traveled.


When Mr. Scott entered onto active duty in the U.S. Marine Corps he was soon recognized as an outstanding shooter, even amongst his Marine peers. An "expert" rifleman and pistol shooter, he continued on and set the range pistol record at the Military Police Academy in Anniston, AL.


While humbled by the recognition he received for his abilities, he wondered, "Shouldn't every person who relies on a firearm to preserve their life achieve the same or greater level of skill?" Sadly, even in the Marines, there was no mechanism by which everyone could be trained to the same standard. It was incumbent upon small units, and sometimes even individuals, to seek out advanced training beyond that which their agency as a whole could provide.


With a servant's heart and a belief in training, Mr. Scott attended courses with the Honolulu Police Department's SWAT Team and became a tactical shooting instructor in the disciplines of handgun, patrol rifle, shotgun, and sub-machine gun at the ripe old age of 20. Honorably discharged from the Marines after 4 years of service, Mr. Scott continued on a law enforcement career that saw duty as a federal agent, state trooper, and deputy sheriff. In each of these positions, he continued to be utilized as a tactical firearms trainer and defensive tactics instructor. Returning to active duty military service as a helicopter pilot, Mr. Scott has flown over 700 combat hours in Afghanistan. Now stateside, he continues to serve as a Blackhawk helicopter instructor pilot for the military and as a part-time patrol officer/law enforcement trainer for a municipal law enforcement agency in SE Alabama.


One fact has never escaped the instructors of OTC and is the reason for our existence. True professional services and training are sadly in short supply across the United States. These services are necessary for the physical, emotional, and legal survival of individual officers, operators, and private citizens alike. It is our desire that through our professional training and service that we will fill the gap left by others.