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Pre-Paid Agreement

Should you become a participant in a lethal force incident the actions that you took will be examined by law enforcement, the prosecutor’s office, and even your own attorney. Decisions in regards to civil action, criminal charges, and your legal defense will be made. Without the services of an expert in the field of self-defense, uninformed decisions may be made that are not in your best interest. In contrast, prosecutors have often declined to file charges based in large part on the professional review of the case by an expert. Through your attorney, my review of your case may be presented to the prosecutor in an effort to encourage them to decline or dismiss charges before you ever even appear in court. Should charges ultimately be filed, my case review will assist your attorney in preparing for a strong defense.



By participating in our annual agreement your account in good standing will automatically be covered for all services provided under our Case Review services for a period of 1 year. Should an incident occur you will also receive a discount of 50% off the standard expert services (including additional investigation, depositions, testimony, etc.) + travel/lodging (if required), a huge discount should such services become necessary in the case. The Pre-Paid Agreement provides a level of peace of mind in knowing that an expert will be working on your case the moment an incident unfolds.

Upon receipt of payment, your coverage will take effect immediately but please allow up to 24 hours to receive your individual coverage statement. You may be asked to verify your information for coverage purposes.

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