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Witness Testimony

Joshua Scott has testified in hundreds of criminal court cases, legal proceedings, and administrative hearings on issues ranging from drivers license revocation to homicide. Of significant importance is his many years of experience as a police officer and firearms instructor, having provided testimony deemed critical for cases where the question of lawful or unlawful use of force was a decisive factor in the outcome.


As a police officer, Joshua was applauded by prosecutors for his ability to relate to juries and explain complexities in simplistic terms. Joshua's well written reports and well presented testimony earned his cases the reputation of "sure winners" by prosecutors. He was equally admired and feared by defense attorneys who plainly stated that seeing his name on a police report would make them likely to persuade their clients to enter a plea rather than face him on the stand. Known for an uncanny ability to remain calm, convincing, and direct while avoiding the pitfalls of leading questions from attorneys, Joshua's oratory abilities combine with a complete understanding of the material to make him an indisposable resource for proving the truth of circumstances.


With no agenda other than the revelation of truth, testimony is equally provided for prosecution and defense cases, civil litigation hearings, and all other proceedings in which expert testimony is deemed essential.